The Audio (Books) Jump

Finally taking the leap.

I love books. I love the feel and the smell of a good book. Paper has a love love relationship with me. Paper cuts are numbered through life. Too few to matter. Books. A madness that I adore. It’s an addiction. For years my birthday plans would be a few good books, cosy freshly laundered bedsheets and a weekend. I just can’t imagine giving myself a better gift than sleep and books. Netflix maybe? A close second. That’s about it.

I thought the move to include ebooks into my life was rad. Audiobooks were never even an option let alone a choice.

Yet. Here I am. Sitting with AirPods in my ears and a baby nursing through her sleep at my breast.

Then came the question, which book do I start off with. I know I have lately been really interested in getting my hands on Becoming Michelle Obama. I want Chimimanda Ngozi’s Feminist manifesto whichever media of books I venture into. It just needs to be around. Period. So do I download these two?

Nope. The first search is my beloved BB.

It absolutely had to be Brené Brown, my forever girl crush, the one woman I look up to in terms of the way she dissects and researches an issue. Any issue. I just am absolutely in love with the way she approaches whatever she chooses to write about and work on. She never writes out of her proverbial ass. It’s always based on extensive research. It is perhaps one of the major things that makes me respect her as much as I do.

So I downloaded the Feminist Manifesto for the blessing and energy in the Audible realm and Becoming Michelle Obama for the latest book must read high but then I sat here and had a good look at all Brené Brown’s books. I’ve read most of them, own them so clearly I MUST OWN THE AUDIO VERSIONS TOO. All of them. Eventually. What do I start off with.

This is what I ended up deciding on. Partly because I can share this with you here and also because I don’t have the physical version of it! I’ve never read this.

So excited. While Brené Brown pours into my ears how 18-24 month olds have this great developmental touchdown. While my 20 month old is flailing her arms around me in her sleep blabbering about her bubby (baby) which is her teddy bear.

For a while this will be all I will have to show for books in life. Until my child doesn’t fall out of love with the sound of ripping paper.


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